Laconia: City on the Lakes

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

Laconia Aerial Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel
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Here you can find a collection of all the various Laconia maps available on the website.

The Google Maps are meant as a convenience and are not definitive. If you require something more accurate, please refer to one of our other map resources or come to City Hall with your questions.

City Services (Google)
Curbside Trash Collection (Google)
Schools (Google)

Property Values (Vision Appraisal)
Tax Maps (CAI GIS Online)
Zoning Map (pdf)
Conservation Lands (Google)
Voting Wards (Google)

Motorcycle Week Vendor Map (Google)
Laconia Walking Map (Google)


Lakes Business Park


NH Granit Data Mapper
NH Granit Data Mapper, by the University of New
Hampshire, provides a wealth of information
about the state. Different map layouts are listed as
"themes" and are selected in the upper right of the
screen. Themes include:

  • Flood Plains
  • Geodetic Control
  • Land Conservation
  • Recreation
  • Soils
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources
  • Wild Life
We invite you to explore this useful and diverse service.

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