This department strives to supply its customers with the safest and highest quality water possible while maintaining adequate water pressure to insure the needs of the customer are met all while providing adequate fire protection.

About the Water System

Laconia Water Department's (LWD) water system is made up of approximately 100 miles of water main lines. These lines are constructed of different materials such as cast iron, ductile iron and PVC. These water mains range from 2 inches to 20 inches in size.

Fire Hydrants

This system includes approximately 615 fire hydrants. The fire hydrants are static tested and flushed twice per year. This flushing program helps with water quality and the static testing insures that all fire hydrants are working properly.

Along with the hydrant maintenance program, LWD also has a main gate maintenance program in which we locate and check approximately 1,457 gates for proper operation.

Please note that all irrigation systems in the City of Laconia must be Reduced Pressure Zone Principle Devices (RPZ).  Please contract Laconia Water Works for more information.