Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission consists of 5 members, up to 3 alternate members, and advisory members. For information about becoming a member, alternate member, or advisory member for the Laconia Conservation Commission, please contact the Planning Department. 

About the Commission

The City of Laconia's Conservation Commission was established in August of 1987 to promote and preserve the areas natural resources, and to protect and manage the City's watershed resources and wildlife habitat areas. This five member volunteer Commission, appointed by the City Council, is responsible for public outreach and education as well as managing the city-owned conservation lands.

The Laconia Conservation Commission invites all private owners, developers, and other interested parties that would like to protect their open space lands for future generations to contact the Laconia Conservation Technician.

For information on how the Commission conducts business, visit the Conservation Commission Rules of Procedure.


The Conservation Commission is responsible for:
  • The preservation and protection of lands and forests for wildlife, water quality, and recreation in the City of Laconia.
  • Review of site plan and subdivision applications for compliance with state and local wetlands and shore land regulations. 
  • Recommendation conveyance to the City Planning Board for new projects moving through the City planning process in relation to environmental impacts and concerns. 
  • Outreach and education to the public concerning various environmental issues and information. 
  • ALL APPLICANTS FOR WETLAND CUPs:  Please keep in mind that the Conservation Commission only acts in an advisory position and has no judiciary capabilities. 

Helpful Resources

For inquiries please email or call the Conservation Technician or Planning Department at 603-527-1264 or at .

Conservation Commission Meetings

The Commission meets twice monthly, on the first and third Wednesday of each month. If a meeting is cancelled, it will be removed from the calendar. Agendas are generally available 3-5 days before the meeting. Draft minutes are posted 1-2 days after a meeting. 

** To be added to an agenda, please submit materials a full week in advance of the meeting to the Planning Department**

2022 Schedule

2022 Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Recordings

Conservation Commission Members

Name Position Term End
Dean Anson Chairman 2023
Deborah Williams Vice Chair 2024
Michael Foote Member 2024
Lisa Morin Member 2022
Marnie Schulz Member 2024
Ruth O'Hara Alternate Member 2024
Wesley Bates Alternate Member 2023
Robert Harrington Alternate Member 2024
Stacy Soucy Planning Board Advisory Member 2024
Vacant City Council Advisory Member -