City Council

Regular Meetings

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  • Andrew Hosmer, Mayor
  • Bruce Cheney, Ward 1
  • Robert Soucy, Ward 2
  • Eric Hoffman, Ward 3
  • Mark Haynes, Ward 4
  • Steven Bogert, Ward 5
  • Tony Felch, Ward 6


The governing body of the City is an elected mayor and an elected Council. The Mayor is elected by city-wide vote. One Councilor is elected from each of the City's six wards. All members of the Council are elected to serve a two year term and take office at the first scheduled council meeting the January following the November election.


The Council is responsible for formulating policy, adopting an annual budget, enacting the laws of the City, and approving the use and care of City property, including buildings, streets, and other infrastructure projects.

Public Meetings

All items and information appearing on the Council agenda must be in the City Manager's office no less than one week prior to a council meeting. Meetings are open to the public and are also televised on Public Access Television/Channel 26. View the City Council Rules of Procedure (PDF).

Goals & Objectives

City officials are working to implement a plan to improve the quality of life in Laconia. The narrative of the Goal Setting Summary is meant to be a working document, which together with the City's Master Plan, will help to direct and focus the City's resources and efforts toward meeting the goals identified.

Project Updates

The City Manager will be providing a monthly concise update of projects in the community.

Financial & Operational Trends

The City Manager will be providing a monthly report detailing financial trends within the City's various departments. Also provided is operational data such as the number of fire and emergency calls compared over a several year period.

Monthly Economic Development Report

The City Manager will provide the Economic Development report, updated on a monthly basis and presented to the Council and public in conjunction with the first City Council meeting of the month. It contains information pertaining to Laconia's unemployment rate and wages, as well as business and economic development partnerships.