Site Plan Regualtions

Finding the Application

Applications can be picked up in the Planning Department or downloaded from our Applications and Process page.

Filling Out the Application

We encourage everyone to call or stop by our office before filling out an application. This will make help us make sure your proposal generally adheres to the Zoning Ordinance and Planning Board Regulations, provide you with some pointers, and answer any questions.

Steps for Application

  • Be sure to fill out the application completely - the more information you include, the easier and quicker it will be for the reviewers to understand your project.
  • Start off with an explanation of what the property currently is.
  • Explain in writing what it is that you propose to do.
  • Include plans showing existing conditions and proposed conditions. Professionally drafted plans are required.
  • Submit a completed Subdivision Checklist.
  • Include any other applicable reports/plans (drainage, wetland, traffic, architecture, etc.).
  • Submit a list of abutters. This list can be obtained from the Assessor's Department.
  • Submit prepared abutter envelopes and appropriate certified postage fees. Prepared envelopes include each abutter's name, plus one for the property owner. Please call the Planning Department for information on the latest postage fees.
  • Follow the additional instructions on the coversheet of the Planning Board Applications and Instructions.

Submitting the Application

  • Applications must be submitted in accordance with the Planning Board and Technical Review Committee Schedule.
  • Applications are due by noon of the deadline day.
  • Fees to be paid at the time of submittal: A $200 flat fee plus one or more per lot/unit/lot line adjustment fees referenced in the Planning Board Application Fees. Please call the Planning Department and we can help you determine the appropriate fees.