Permits and Inspection Guidelines

Laconia City Ordinance Chapter 149

Laconia City Ordinance Chapter 149.  City Guidelines and best practices in regards to Fire Preventions, Inspection, and requisite fees.

Obtaining Permits

Campfire and brush permits can be obtained at the Central Fire Station on North Main Street or the Weirs Beach Fire Station on Lucerne Avenue.  

Mechanical permits are available online and can be processed Monday through Friday during business hours at Central Station.

Brush & Campfire Permits

Permits to kindle a campfire or burn brush are now required for the 2017 season.  For rules and regulations regarding burning in New Hampshire please reference the guidelines from the Department of Resources and Development.  The resources will assist you in planning that perfect fire pit to enjoy this summer.

Permits are issued when staff are available at both Central station and the Weirs Beach fire station.  Permits are only issued to property owners 18 years and older, and approved renters with written permission from the property owner.

Please burn responsibly and check on today’s Fire Danger.

Mechanical Permits

The following permit applications and submittal requirements are avialable online for your convenience. These permits may be printed and presented, with payment at the Central Fire Station during normal business hours.  Documents are kept up to date to the best of our ability, but the most current forms will be required at time of processing.  

  1. Gas
  2. Oil
  3. Fire Alarm
  4. Sprinklers and Suppression

Gas Permits

Gas permits now require a piping diagram and pressure test form be submitted prior to scheduling an inspection. The permit and payment are required prior to beginning the installation. Installations begun or completed without the required permit are subject to rejection and removal and are subject to legal action.

Oil and Gas Tank Inspection

Gas Piping Pressure Test

Gas Inspection

CSST Gas Piping

Removal of Gas or Oil Tank