Behavior Policy

All Laconia Public Library Facilities are available to persons of all ages. While everyone has an equal right to access library services and facilities, no person may interfere with any other person’s ability to use and enjoy the library, or library staff’s ability to provide services.

For the safety and comfort of library visitors, volunteers, and staff, and the protection of library property, behavior that is prohibited in the library includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Possessing, brandishing, or using weapons of any kind, except as permitted by state law 
  • Vandalism – defacing or otherwise damaging library property. This includes graffiti anywhere on library property
  • Smoking, chewing, vaping, or rolling tobacco anywhere on library property. Library property includes gardens, lawns, walkways, parking lot 
  • Eating, except during programs in which food is provided. This rule does not apply to children under five (5) 
  • Verbally or physically threatening other visitors, library staff or volunteers, including stalking, staring, touching, bullying or using offensive language. Harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden anywhere on library property
  • Being under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Loud, unruly behavior such as running, yelling, pushing, shoving, spitting or throwing objects
  • Playing of audio equipment so that others may hear it
  • Using cell phones on speaker mode. Quiet, responsible cell phone use is required so that others are not disturbed 
  • Proper dress, including tops and shoes, is required at all times.
  • Personal hygiene that interferes with others’ ability to use the library
  • Personal belongings may not be left unattended
  • Inappropriate use of the restrooms, including bathing, shaving, and doing laundry
  • Riding the elevator up and down for no purpose but to ride; stopping the elevator without cause
  • Walking to and fro, in and out of the library to the distraction of other library users
  • Obstructing any entrance, exit, or passageway
  • Lying on the floor
  • Bicycles and scooters must be parked in the bike rack located by Church Street driveway, and not on library walkways
  • Skateboarding on library property
  • Sleeping or appearing to sleep
  • Public displays of affection
  • Lying down on furniture; placing feet on furniture; more than one person sitting on single seat furniture; causing excessive wear or damage to furniture; rearranging furniture
  • Assistance animals are welcome. All other animals are prohibited
  • Soliciting, canvassing, campaigning, unless in a meeting 
  • Children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times
  • Adults may not use the Children’s Restroom
  • Adults in the Children’s Room must be accompanied by a child
  • Adults in the Teen Room must be accompanied by a teen
  • Persons needing continuous supervision or assistance must be accompanied by the appropriate supervisor or caregiver when visiting the library

Persons need to be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building. Persons not engaged in reading, studying, using computers or Wi-Fi, or other library materials will be required to leave the building. Loitering is not permitted in the library or on library grounds.

Failure to comply with the Laconia Public Library’s established standards of acceptable behavior may result in removal from library property and/or indefinite restriction of library privileges.

Approved by Laconia Public Library Board of Trustees May 22, 2008; Jun 21, 2018; Dec 1, 2022.