How will my proposal be reviewed?
- Administrative Application: The Planning Director will review your application for completeness and conformity to Planning/Zoning rules. You will be mailed notice of your approval or denial. This is a two week process.
- Minor Site Plan Application: The Minor Site Plan Committee will have 4 weeks to review your application. On the 4th week they will meet with you to discuss and vote on your application. This is a one month process.
- Planning Board Site Plan or Subdivision Application: The Technical Review Committee (TRC) will review your pre-submittal application and meet with you in one week to discuss at a TRC 1 Meeting. You will have one (1) month to make necessary revisions that were requested at TRC 1 before resubmitting revised plans/material. The TRC members will review this second submittal and meet with you in one week to discuss their comments, this will be TRC 2 Meeting. One week from TRC 2 you will present your proposal to the Planning Board for a decision. This is a two month process.

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