• View of Harley Davidsons set up for Bike Week 2009
  • A display of helmets at Harleys set up 2010
  • One of the motorcycles for sale at Harleys set up, 2010
  • Weirs Boulevard, taken early in the morning before the crowds arrive, June 2010
  • The stage and dining at Harley Davidson 2009
  • The motorcycle parking along Beacon Street, 2010
  • Ride Em Cowboy
  • Red Sox Tribute
  • Pink Flames
  • One of the many bikes visiting the area in 2010
  • Motorcycles parked on Beacon Street to visit the Harley Davidson set up, 2010
  • Motorcycles parked along Beacon Street while visiting the Harley Davidson set up, 2010
  • Lakeside Avenue Bike Week 2004
  • Harleys 2010 inflatable sign
  • Harley employee getting a bike ready for a demo ride
  • Dining at Bike Week 2009
  • American Veteran Tribute Bike
  • A view of the stage at Harley Davidson Bike Week 2009
  • A view of the Harley Davidson site for Bike Week 2009
  • A view of Beacon Street East Bike Week 2009
  • A look at some of the motorcycles parked along Beacon Street, 2010
  • A chopper from Full Throttle Magazine taken at the Broken Spokes site, June, 2010

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